Limited Military Involvement Overseas

We have around 900 bases located around the world. We have been kept in a constant state of responding to conflicts that don't involve U.S. interests, or as some have alleged, been wars for profit. We have seen two major wars in the last decade, and escalations continue because of the foreign policy of interventionalism.

This has cost the American taxpayer trillions of dollars, and more than the monetary sense, has cost America many young men and women. The price has been heavy, and it is why I am moving to limit the involvement of our military overseas.

In regards to the number of bases we have around the globe, it is time to take a hard look at what is really necessary for national defense. I believe it is time to start withdrawing from countries we have been stationed in for decades and bring those unit colors back to American soil. This alone will save us billions in the Department of Defense budget.

I will be working with military leaders to determine the mission, strategy and need for bases overseas, and begin to bring our troops home.

I am firmly committed to keeping the United States out of conflicts where our citizens are not in harms way. It is time the Department of Defense act in regard to its assignment: that of defense.

As a team leader in the infantry, I have witnessed the true price of war. I have unfortunately seen men I loved like brothers killed in action. I will not send our young men and women into a conflict that isn't to defend our nation. I will not stand idly by as these wonderful heroes are sent into a battle they do not clearly understand.

Further, I will be moving to limit the drone program usage overseas. While it certainly keeps our troops out of harms way using a drone to go after terrorists, I cannot condone the collateral damage it has caused many people across several nations. We have not declared war on these nations, and should instead, be cooperating with their governments to apprehend the threats to world peace, security, and stability. We would be far more effective training the host country in counter insurgency than dropping bombs or firing a missle that has the potential to kill innocent bystanders.